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Day 0: Sunday 25 October 2021


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Day 1: Monday 25 October 2021

Ready for a change?

Dr Gary McDowell
It’s not you - it’s them: A critical look at academic workforce issues

Dr Ilyas Sagar
Deciding what to do after finishing your PhD

Dr Kelly Phelan
Ready, Set, GO!: Strategically planning your post-academic career

Day 2: Tuesday 26 October 2021

Exploring possibilities

Ifedayo-EmmanuEL Adeyefa-Olasupo
The broke and unskilled academic: A special kind of hell

Leonie Schulte
Bridging academia and industry: How to use the transferable skills you developed during your doctorate to land your dream job in industry

Dr Vay Cao
Informational interviewing: how to network your way to a job

Dr Sophie Milbourne
What does a career in SciComm look like?

Day 3: Wednesday 27 October 2021

Expressing Yourself

Dr Rowena Winkler
Translating your CV: How to make yourself marketable outside of academia

Brittany Trinh
Creating a 3-page starter website

Dr Eric James Stephens
Translating academic value for LinkedIn

Day 4: Thursday 28 October 2021

Being in charge

Dr Melanie Bruce
Creating a life you love with entrepreneurship

Allanté Whitmore
Social entrepreneurship: Using your PhD for good

Cheryl Lau
Creating an aligned life, career and business

Dr Louise Williams
You don't need academia to teach, mentor, and make the Big Bucks: How my PhD in philosophy was perfect training to be a Coach

Day 5: Friday 29 October 2021

Taking care of yourself

Dr Renske de Leeuw
Identity change: My journey from researcher to a coach

Jessica Stephanie Dabrowski
Achieve more success without sacrificing health or happiness (and how academia set you up to fail)

Dr Caitlin Faas
How to get out of your own way so you can pursue those dreams

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