25-29 October 2021

Explore careers beyond academia


Getting a PhD doesn't guarantee an academic job. In fact, over half of PhD holders worldwide leave Academia.

Maybe you’re doing your PhD and wondering what’s next. Maybe you’ve just Phinished and are struggling to find an academic job. Maybe you’ve been piecing together a full-time wage by teaching one-off modules in several universities at the same time – with no guarantees that you’ll keep the jobs next year! Either way, it’s exhausting, and you’re looking for ways to…

Learn about careers beyond academia

Figure out how your skills translate to non-academic jobs

Open up your mind to possibilities

UNLEASH YOUR PHD is about just that:




In 5 days we will help you unleash your PhD superpower and figure out what’s next.

Did you know that...

most doctoral students do not aspire to pursue academic careers, yet ‘alternative’ careers are discouraged by faculty?

many PhDs have little knowledge of career paths beyond ‘professor’ and ‘industry researcher’?

most PhDs have little conception of what their future work life might look like?

it's time to explore the world beyond academia.



Alex Macznik, PhD

Alex has a PhD in physiotherapy from the University of Otago (New Zealand). She runs Alternative Postdoc, a blog and Instagram community exploring alternative careers for academics.

She is Polish and lives in Sydney (Australia). She is a mum of a young kid and exercise passionate.

Louise Elali, future PhD

Louise is a doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex (UK). She has held both academic roles and industry jobs alongside her PhD studies. Originally from Brazil, she has lived, studied and worked in seven countries. Her background is in Communications and Psychology, and her current degree is in Digital Media.

She shares her PhD journey, SciComm tips, research-inspired art and her love of chocolate as PhDoer on Instagram.

The Details

When & Where

Unleash Your PhD is an online event and will run on 25-29 October 2021.


Presentations will run about 30 minutes each and will be available for 24 hours.


You will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes during the week of the event. More details coming soon.

Extended Access

You can purchase the Unleasher Power Pack for extended access to the presentations plus loads of extra resources!


Not Your Average Career Advice


There are lots of different ways to get career advice – including the careers resources at your own university. But you know as well as we do that most of these resources are heavily catering to the needs of undergraduates. We know because we’ve tried to take advantage of them, and they fell short.

This event is different because it was created for PhDs by PhDs.

Produced by a current Post-Doc and a current PhD student, this event was created with PhDs in mind from inception. We couldn’t find the resources we wanted, so we created our own. Forget about the generic CV or interview advice. Let’s focus on what PhDs need to take the leap from academia into the vast world beyond.

The Speakers


The awesome people who will inspire you to take control of your career.

Dr Kelly Phelan
Ready, Set, GO!: Strategically planning your post-academic career

Dr Ilyas Sagar
Deciding what to do after finishing your PhD

Allanté Whitmore
Social entrepreneurship: Using your PhD for good

Dr Rowena Winkler
Translating your CV: How to make yourself marketable outside of academia

Dr Melanie Bruce
Creating a life you love with entrepreneurship

Dr Sophie Milbourne
What does a career in scicomm look like?

Cheryl Lau
Creating an aligned life, career and business

Dr Vay Cao
Informational interviewing: how to network your way to a job

Dr Gary McDowell
It’s not you - it’s them: A critical look at academic workforce issues

Leonie Schulte
How to use the transferable skills you developed during your doctorate to land your dream job in industry

Dr Renske de Leeuw
Identity change: My journey from researcher to a coach

Dr Eric James Stephens
Translating academic value for LinkedIn

Dr Caitlin Faas
How to get out of your own way so you can pursue those dreams

Brittany Trinh
Creating a 3-page starter website

Dr Louise Williams
You don't need academia to teach, mentor, and make the Big Bucks

Ifedayo-EmmanuEL Adeyefa-Olasupo
The broke and unskilled academic: A special kind of hell

Jessica Stephanie Dabrowski
Achieve more success without sacrificing health or happiness (and how academia set you up to fail)

are you ready for them?




– Say goodbye to the uncertainty, precarity and politics of academia

– Explore the skills and opportunities that you developed through your PhD

– Create the life and career of your dreams

take a leap!



hope to see you there!