24-28 October 2022

Communicate your research beyond academia


You know that knowledge can change the world. But producing knowledge is just the first step.

As researchers, we are producing cutting-edge knowledge. But it’s often all trapped in academic journals and conference proceedings.  Why would you want your voice to be locked up in an online archive when it could be having an impact in the real world?

Learn about different ways to communicate your research

Figure out how your research can leap out of academic pages

Open up your mind to possibilities

UNLEASH YOUR PHD is about just that:


communicating your knowledge.


In 5 days we will help you unleash your PhD superpower and create the impact and visibility your research deserves.

Did you know that...

the pressure for academics to show their impact outside of academia increases everyday?

opportunities could be coming your way if only your research had more visibility?

being able to demonstrate the impact of your research can increase your own personal satisfaction and build your brand?

Let's get your knowledge into the world!



Alex Macznik, PhD

Alex has a PhD in physiotherapy from the University of Otago (New Zealand). She runs Evidence Strong, a website and instagram community showcasing research in weightlifting. She is Polish and lives in Sydney (Australia). She is a mum of a young kid and exercise passionate.

Louise Elali, future PhD

Louise works in a communications consultancy in London, alongside her doctoral studies at the University of Sussex (UK). Originally from Brazil, she has lived, studied and worked in seven countries. Her background is in Comms and Psychology, and her current degree is in Digital Media. When she's not working or PhDoing, she shares her PhD journey, SciComm tips, research-inspired art and her love of chocolate on instagram.

The Details

When & Where

Unleash Your PhD is an online event and will run on 24-28 October 2022.


Presentations will run about 30 minutes each and will be available for 24 hours.


You will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes during the week of the event. More details coming soon.

Extended Access

You can purchase the Unleasher Power Pack for extended access to the presentations plus loads of extra resources!


The world needs to hear from researchers.

The world needs to hear from you.

In a world as connected as the one we live in, researchers and scientists have unprecedented opportunity to spread their own message. You spend a lot of time researching. You are making a contribution to your field. You are making a contribution to academia. Why stop there when you can make a contribution to society?

As a researcher, you produce knowledge and solve problems. You want to make a contribution to the world. We know that you have a contribution to society in you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be spending hours and hours dedicated to your research.

It is also in your best interest to get your research seen.

The Speakers


The awesome people who will inspire you to communicate your research and amazing experts who will teach you how to do it.

Dr Sarah Habibi
How to start your science communication career on social media

Maynard Okereke
How to make STEM education entertaining & engaging

Dr Echo Rivera
Why PowerPoint is the best tool for sharing your work beyond academia

Dr Ben Rein
Going viral on TikTok with science

Dr Gertrude Nonterah
Thought leadership, personal branding and your research

Dr Erika Romero
Become an academic YouTuber

Dr Tullio Rossi
Eye-catching, conversation-starting scientific poster designs

Brittany Trinh
How to create a website to showcase your work

Dr Kinga Stryszowska-Hill
Take your map to the next level - make it interactive!

Dr Rowena Winkler
How to land speaking gigs with your research stream

Dr Ilyas Sagar
The art of influencing stakeholders

Dr Caitlin Faas
Amazing science to share and no time to do it?

Simon Clews
So, you think you've got a book in you...

Dr Nadeen Kharputly
Trust your instincts, forge your own path

Elfy Chiang
Visualising Science with Art

are you ready for them?




– Learn how to communicate your research clearly and effectively

– Explore the opportunities that communicating your knowledge can bring to you

– Create an impact on the world

spread your knowledge!



hope to see you there!